Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Strange Cab

I entered the bright yellow taxi excitedly. I couldn't wait to get to my Aunt's house. "Mayfair Street, please," I told the driver. He nodded and started driving. He didn't say anything on the way. There was nothing playing in the car. Silence. It was getting awkward. "Could you please turn on the radio, sir?" I asked him, trying to sound as polite as possible. He grunted and pressed a button. Some slow music turned on.
Suddenly, he started going mad. He hit the steering wheel with all his might, making the car sway on the crowded streets. "Stop! Stop!" I screamed, my voice choking. The people on the street started staring at the car. Some pedestrians jumped out of the way. We nearly hit a little girl running with her puppy on the sidewalk.He punched the button again and the music turned off. He remained silent for a few minutes and then at last let out a few words, "I hate music."
We passed a sign that said "Mayfair, turn right". I glanced at the driver. He made no intention of turning anywhere. I tapped him lightly on the shoulder. "We're supposed to take the next right turn," I told him, thinking he might have missed the sign. The turn was coming closer and closer. The driver still did not want to turn. I thought he might be taking me a different way so I ignored it and, wanting to distract myself, switched on my phone and started texting my friend.
Suddenly, I saw the signal on my phone going. There was only one bar left. Which way is he taking me, that has no signal? I looked around and saw, to my surprise, hundreds of dull, green trees on each side. We were going through a forest. This is taking way too long, I thought. I'd better get out now. I tapped him on the shoulder and motioned him to stop. He ignored me.
"Um, sir, this far would be fine, thanks," I told him, taking out the money. He still continued to ignore me. I pulled at the door handle, thinking he would stop if I tried to get out. He kept on driving. The doors were locked. I was stuck. I tried to open the window, but that wouldn't budge either. "Could you let me out now?" I asked him, my voice rising a little. He didn't say anything, but shook his head. "What do you mean, no?" I asked him roughly. He shook his head again. "Where are you taking me?" My voice was getting higher still. If he didn't stop, I was going to start screaming at him. This time, he pointed straight in front of him. I looked and didn't see anything. I squinted and finally something came into view. It looked like a huge sign. Unfortunately, I couldn't read what it said.
We reached the place five seconds later. I stared at the sign. Blinked. And stared again. This is not possible, I thought, Why did he bring me to the graveyard?
He finally stopped the car. I tried to open the door and run out but it was still locked. He started turning around to look at me. I hadn't seen his face at all and I wished I had before I got into the ride so that I wouldn't have chosen this car. It was the scariest thing you could imagine. His face was stretched as though somebody had pulled it with all his might, he had tiny sockets with bulging eyeballs in it. They were bright red. His lips were as dry as a desert. He had black hair which came over the top of his face. They were really straight. "We have arrived," he whispered in a voice which gave me the chills.
He unlocked his door and went out. I tried my door, yet another time, and it was still locked. He unlocked it and opened it himself. "Come out," he said, in a hoarser whisper. I stumbled out, unable to stop shivering. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I made a run for it. "Don't run, we will find you no matter what," were his last words. They were playing in my head over and over again. I ran until I was out of the woods and in the town again. I stood for a minute on the sidewalk, gasping for breath. As I turned my gaze up, I saw the bright yellow taxi standing right in front of me. "Hello, Ma'am. Nice to see you again," said the man with a tight smile, baring all of his yellow teeth.  

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Just the 4 of us. Trapped on Mars. We walked around. Dust blowing up around us. Every now and then, strong winds would blow the dust into our eyes. It would sting. So now everyone's eyes were bright red. We trudged along, hoping to find some source of food or water. Anything. We were even hoping to find something to help mend the ship. So we could get home again. 
Everyone was in a sour mood. Mounting bright red rocks for two hours was hard work. We were all really tired. Suddenly, I spotted a valley and began to jog towards it. My friends noticed it and asked what I was doing. "I found a valley. Maybe we can find something there!"
Now there was some excitement. We were all glad to find something. We reached the border of the valley and looked down. The valley was really deep. I walked along the side for a while till I found a part which wasn't nearly as steep. It would be easy to climb down that.
I took a step and held on to the stone jutting out nearby. We all began to climb down. It took nearly an hour but it was worth it. We reached the bottom and found a small little piece of wood. I took it and began digging in the bright red sand. It was really hot and burned my hand on every touch. Suddenly, I struck something in the sand. I began digging harder and placed my hand inside, trying to forget the pain of the heat boiling up my blood.
I held it out and noticed that it was some different kind of stone. It was pure gold. I placed it in my pocket and went on to look for other things. Just as we were about to get out of the valley, my friends called me. I turned around and suddenly fell to the ground as one of them pounced on me. They had found another piece of wood and jabbed that into my shoulder. I let out a yelp of pain and tried to get them off me. It wouldn't work. The other two helped to carry me up and out of the valley. I thought they were trying to help me. 
 They brought me up to a fairly clear space of land. The Sun's rays were really strong here. I started sweating as soon as I arrived. They lay me down and wouldn't let me get up. I could feel the blood inside boiling again. My head started to hurt and I couldn't see clearly anymore. I could feel my hands and feet burning up. My eyes started to droop down lower and lower. Then everything went black. Forever.