Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Just the 4 of us. Trapped on Mars. We walked around. Dust blowing up around us. Every now and then, strong winds would blow the dust into our eyes. It would sting. So now everyone's eyes were bright red. We trudged along, hoping to find some source of food or water. Anything. We were even hoping to find something to help mend the ship. So we could get home again. 
Everyone was in a sour mood. Mounting bright red rocks for two hours was hard work. We were all really tired. Suddenly, I spotted a valley and began to jog towards it. My friends noticed it and asked what I was doing. "I found a valley. Maybe we can find something there!"
Now there was some excitement. We were all glad to find something. We reached the border of the valley and looked down. The valley was really deep. I walked along the side for a while till I found a part which wasn't nearly as steep. It would be easy to climb down that.
I took a step and held on to the stone jutting out nearby. We all began to climb down. It took nearly an hour but it was worth it. We reached the bottom and found a small little piece of wood. I took it and began digging in the bright red sand. It was really hot and burned my hand on every touch. Suddenly, I struck something in the sand. I began digging harder and placed my hand inside, trying to forget the pain of the heat boiling up my blood.
I held it out and noticed that it was some different kind of stone. It was pure gold. I placed it in my pocket and went on to look for other things. Just as we were about to get out of the valley, my friends called me. I turned around and suddenly fell to the ground as one of them pounced on me. They had found another piece of wood and jabbed that into my shoulder. I let out a yelp of pain and tried to get them off me. It wouldn't work. The other two helped to carry me up and out of the valley. I thought they were trying to help me. 
 They brought me up to a fairly clear space of land. The Sun's rays were really strong here. I started sweating as soon as I arrived. They lay me down and wouldn't let me get up. I could feel the blood inside boiling again. My head started to hurt and I couldn't see clearly anymore. I could feel my hands and feet burning up. My eyes started to droop down lower and lower. Then everything went black. Forever.


  1. I think u shud change ur background's a bit hard to read....

    1. Is this okay? Could you give me some tips?

  2. Yeah much better.... U should increase ur font size though
    Btw tht story was nice! :) :)