Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Dream-Part 1

She turned over and over in her sleep, restless throughout the night. Suddenly, she shot up like a bolt. The same girl had been in her dreams. Every night for the past few months, Camille had been dreaming about a girl in a bright blue dress, with yellow flowers at the hem. She had light brown hair and wore a straw hat. She was always sitting on the same rock inside the same waterfall. You could just make her out through the water gushing down.
She never said anything, never made any sort of movement or response. She just sat there, her dull blue eyes blank, staring at where the water fell. She always held a flower, and tore off petal after petal, until there would only be two left. From these two, she would stare longingly at one. Camille never knew what this meant. The girl seemed very familiar to her, although she was sure she had never actually seen her in her life. But then again, there was something about her eyes...
Nowadays, the dream had been getting more intense. The young girl would now come out of the waterfall, and walk. She would never make any eye contact. She just walked forwards and never looked back. Sometimes, when Camille refused to move, just to see what would happen, the little girl would stop in her tracks. she would not go any further, but would not look back either. She just stood there, as if waiting for Camille to catch up, her hair blowing silently in the wind. Finally, after a few moments of awkward waiting, Camille would get up and start walking very silently, as if tip-toing, towards the girl, careful to not make a sound, just to see what would happen. The girl would immediately start walking again, as if she had invisible eyes at the back of her smooth, brown head.
The little girl would lead her to a small cottage. Here she would enter and walk upstairs. She never ran. She always silently walked. She would silently climb the stairs and enter a room. This room had a slanted roof, and hand-made drawings hung up on the walls. It had a small bed, with a few worn out toys set on top. Here, she would lay down, with her back to Camille and close her eyes. Her brown hair would fall, gently, covering her face.
Who is she? Camille thought. And why does she look so familiar? It was almost 6:30. She had to get up for school. After going to the bathroom and taking a shower, Camille gazed into her own reflection while straightening her hair. Unlike the girls, her hair was black and curly, like her moms. She kept looking at herself when suddenly, after all these months, it hit her. They had the same eyes! 
That was it. That was what was so familiar about the girl. Camille and her had the same eyes. The same dull blue eyes. Camille had a sudden mad idea. Surely, the girl would be about her age. She rushed downstairs and sure enough, she found her mother there.
"Mom, did I have a twin?" The question was so simple, it sounded rude. Was this the answer?

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